Sunday, 15 September 2013

Guardians of the Covenant Fellblade Superheavy Tank - Part V: The First Layer

Hey folks,
It was about time I started painting the Fellblade. The task of starting to paint a model and deciding what colour goes where is a daunting and intimidating task. It was for this reason that this beauty of tank lay waiting in the yellow storage box since the 20th of August. But today, after my lovely girlfriend told me to just paint it and stop fussing about it so much, I started painting the first layer.

The first layer is always the most special one. It alone gives me an idea of how the model will look when finished and it motivates me to continue painting. As you can see, it still looks like babby's first warhams-model. But it's only the first layer. Those who have seen, say, the Storm Eagle will know that there will still be lots of work in a large model such as this. The Fellblade will be subjected to several more layers, washing, drybrushing, highlighting and weathering before the painting is finished. And finally as a finishing touch, I will be using the decals I've printed myself, which were featured in a post some months ago. But, each journey begins with the first few steps, and this is a giant leap towards completion.

- Revan88

Colours used: - Mechrite Red foundation paint, Boltgun Metal, Tin Bitz.

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