Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Showcase: The Veterans

To answer a special request, I began the day with taking some pictures of my veterans: my terminators and vanguard veterans. After reviewing the pictures I've made, well, I concluded that most of them are bad and out of focus. But I'm too lazy to take the pictures again, so they'll have to do. Besides, if you don't click on the unfocused ones, they're not too bad.

Not all the stuff is done though. The assault terminators stand at 90% complete. They still miss detail like eye-lenses and such, which I will get too as soon as I have a day off. Another fancy thing is the new Finecast Belial that I've bought last weekend. I decided to covert him and kit him out of a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield as opposed to the Marneus Calgar conversion I use as my current Lightning-clawed Belial.

Last but not least there's the Vanguard Veterans. Yes I know I can't use them with the current Dark Angels codex, but that's no bother. I mean, what's cooler than Assault Marines (with the old METAL jumppacks) with awesome power weapons? They've been around a long time and they were a joy to paint.

Anyway, take a look for yourself.

(P.S. Don't look at the dust that's covering some models. Some of them guard a bookshelf when not dying in battle.)

My Belial conversion - First Commander Trayarch with Squad Tempestus

Terminator Squad Tempestus

Brother Hollix-Varnus (The first one I finished and thus named!)

Brother Bastian

Brother-Sergeant Hurios

The Vanguard Veterans - Love these guys to death.

Unfocused, but had to post them.

Power swords. Can't have enough.

A work in progess. Still to be revealed!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The War for Badab (Black): The Pictures

Hey all!
This weekend saw my first match against 6th edition Tau, and oh my, did I get shot up! Markerlights! Markerlights everwhere! In the end, victory was mine because I had First Blood and held two objectives. But I think this was only because we had to end the game to due my opponent having to leave before he could play his last turn, so I was lucky. In the end, it was a nice battle and it really gave me an idea of the fearsome shooting capabilities of the Tau.
...and it ended up with me getting a full pot of the fabled Badab Black in a fair trade with some old metals and bitz.

Lightning Clawed Belial and his Terminators susprise Shas'O R'alai and his battlesuits.
The Land Speeder Tempest came into play while Zooming, flanked by two Dreadnoughts.
Ouch-time. Not many terminators survived. Belial challenged R'alai, though.

The crater marked my First Blood: a blown up Devilfish.
They proved hard to kill.
Shas'o R'alai in all his splendor.
Cadre fireblades with their squads hiding in the bushes.
All those tanks...
All those guns...
My combat squad with a Laspredator to support them.

A Land Raider Redeemer full of Assault Terminators and a Tac squad with Techmarine heading for an objective.
Always bring the snipers! Techmarine fortified these ruins.
Before the carnage: Dakkapredator still alive, same goes for the Ravenwing bikers.
Tactical Squad supported by a TL-autocannon Venerable Dreadnought.
The Battlefield.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The War for Badab (Black): 2500pts!

This list has a story behind it.
Being the Badab Black junkie that I am, the stuff is ever in high demand, and since I'm through to my last pot, I cried out in despair. A voice answered me. I was chosen to get his last Badab Black. He had but one request. Pillaging my bitzbox and playing an awesome 2.5k match with me in our FLGS upcoming Friday.
Alas, I had to agree and built a list.

The list was built with one thing in mind: tanks and armour. It is a splendid chance for my (not yet finished) Damocles Rhino to first see action. Together with a Land Raider, two Predators, two Dreadnoughts, a Land Speeder Tempest and of course a Techmarine. This will be an imbalanced but awesome list to play with and I will be sure to bring my camera this time for some epic pictures.

Please feel absolutely free to leave a comment on what you would add or remove from this list, I'd really love to hear it!

Company Master Bastorix - TH/SS/Art. Armour - Power Field Generator – 185pts
Belial - 190pts
Techmarine – Servo Harness – 75pts
Damocles Rhino - 75pts

Venerable Dreadnought - 2xTwin-linked Autocannons – 145pts

Contemptor Dreadnought – TL-Lascannon - 200pts

Tactical Squad - 10 Marines/Vet. Sergeant/Power Fist/Flamer/Missile Launcher - 195pts
Tactical Squad - 10 MarinesVet/Vet. Sergeant/Power Sword/Meltagun/Heavy Bolter – 185pts
Scouts - 5 Scouts/Sniper Rifles/Sergeant - 60pts

Deathwing Terminators – 5 Terminators/4xTH+SS/Cyclone Missile Launcher - 265pts
Deathwing Terminators - 5 Terminators/1xLightning Claws/Assault Cannon – 240pts

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Tempest - 110pts
Ravenwing Attack Squadron – Power Maul – 95pts

Heavy Support

Predator – TL-Lascannon/Lascannon Sponsons - 140pts
Predator - Autocannon/Hvy Bolters – 95pts
Land Raider Redeemer - Multi-Melta - 255pts


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Printing your own transfer sheets: As easy said as done.

A few days ago, I took it upon myself to print my own decals or transfer sheets as some prefer to call them. I did this because I am not the best man when it comes to freehand artwork, and because it's an equally creative process, I went all-out to creative a set of awesome transfer sheets.

The sheets come in two variants: black outline and no outline, all credit goes to Dracul from Bolter & Chainsword. After carefully printing them in A5 format, with a high DPI and paper setting to photo quality, glossy paper, it was time to give them a careful, thin but thorough acrylic gloss coat. This is necessary, because the ink's pigment needs to attach itself to the acrylic coat, since the decal paper itself will be solved by a modelling solution: Micro Set.

This is but the first phase of it all, and the future will see more posts about the workings or failings of this project. It's something that needs a lot of care and has a high margin of error, nevertheless, if it does work, it will be glorious. All my Guardians of the Covenant army needs is heraldry and Chapter markings.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A work in progress: Damocles Command Rhino. Part II.

Today was a nice and sunny day. Ideal for turning grey into black. You've guessed that right: basecoating.
Giving a model a basecoat or "priming" it, as some prefer to say, is always a magic moment. It transforms a cobbled-together model or conversion with lots of different materials and different colours (think resin, metal, different plastics, you get it?) into a uniform matte black (or whatever colour you prefer to use). And that means that all there is left is to give it a paintjob. Though it's easier said than done. Painting a model is the best part of the creative process, I think.
By request of a certain follower of this blog (you know who you are ;) ) I decided to show the blackness that is the Damocles Rhino.

One of the main differences of the pictures of the day before, is that I've added a Space Marine Company Master/Captain that sticks out of the Rhino's hatch, in order to clearly mark the vehicle as the HQ choice it is.
The head of the Captain is from the Ravenwing champion and the right arm on which the Marine leans is actually a spare arm from the Damocles kit.

As a size comparison and of course a little showcasing, I've placed it alongside my Land Raider Redeemer, which, honestly, sees too little action. I actually had to use a pencil to brush off the dust in order to prep it for the photoshoot (it was THAT dusty).

Take a look for yourself.

Of course, the overview

The Captain sticking out of the cupola.

Company Veterans at the console

The Land Raider, which is awesome.

As I said, awesome.

Awesome meltagunner as well!

Monday, 10 June 2013

A work in progress: Damocles Command Rhino

After weeks of delay and doubt, my Damocles Command Rhino finally arrived. It's an awesome classic model, featuring two seated marines, a large comms panel and a radar dish on the roof. I can't wait to start painting this model and of course using it in friendly matches and apocalypse games. Anyway, take a look at what I've got here. I mean, how can someone not like this? ;)

Overview of the exterior and command crew

In order to mark it as a command vehicle, I've pimped the doors and front armour a bit.

The added communications block is clearly visible on the left  corner of the tank

Not done yet: still missing headlights and window armour

The command crew. I chose not to use the bare heads that were included in the kit. Helmets are better.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lore of the Guardians of the Covenant: An Introduction

The hull of the shuttle glowed brightly from atmospheric re-entry. The sturdy Arvus Lighter shook and the metal groaned as it plunged into the stratosphere. Soon, the clouds disappeared and the planet's surface became visible. Grassy plains surrounded by mighty, ancient mountains with snowy peaks. The planet seemed lush and unspoiled. Its cities and settlements rendered almost invisible by the raw natural splendour the world seemingly possessed. Here and there, ancient pockmarks, craters and old wounds were visible in the surface. But nature had long since healed the old wounds. The bulky shuttle soared through the sky and made a clear path towards one of the most imposing mountain ranges the world had to offer.
"Mortikah VII.. It has been a long time since I have been here," a weary but passionate voice said. It belonged to a old veteran of many wars. The sigil of the Inquisition adorned his chest and he sat calmly, waiting for their transport to arrive at its destination.
"You have been here before, master?" Said a younger voice, laden with careful curiosity.
"Indeed.." Came a thoughtful reply from the elder man.
The Arvus Lighter seemed to slow as it was close to arriving at its destination, delivering the Inquisitor and his protégé to a vast baroque landing pad adorned with leering gargoyles and heroes of ages past rendered in stone. The shuttle landed with a thump and pneumatic systems hissed as the ramp extended. As both men descended from their transport, they were utterly dwarfed by the grand splendour of the Fortress-Monastery in front of them. Built from endless reinforced and sculpted red brick, the Monastery looked like enormous Gothic cathedral, with high arches and stained-glass windows depicting red-robed angels. Every corner was sired by many ominous gargoyles looking down as if judging the puny mortals who dared approach their lair. The Fortress-Monastery was the size of several city blocks and its tall spires rose hundreds of meters into the clear sky of the mountain range, like tall guardians of the mountains surrounding them. The construction was as much a work of art, as a place of war. In between the spires, windows and arches, heavy cannons and lances pointed at the blue sky, like a defender looking up into the sky for a possible assailant. Ever vigilant.
The elder Inquisitor took several steps towards a heavy wooden door with ornate carvings before pausing and looking up once again at the terrific marvel of Man's architecture in front of him. "The Spire. Long has it been since I were last here," he said. "This is where the Angels reside. The Guardians of the Covenant."
"I have read about them, Master. Monastic, secretive Astartes, good ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus..," the apprentice begun. "..And that is only the very tip of the iceberg. I have a very old friend here," the Inquisitor replied. "But first, let us enter."
As they approached the heavy doors, two bulky iron giants wearing flowing crimson robes stood guard. As the two men approached, the glowing red lenses of their helmet followed their movements.
"Halt," a metallic voice said. "Identify yourselves."
The Inquisitor reached for his pocket and took out an ornate device with a stylised 'I', a symbol of office, an Inquisitorial Rosette.
"Inquisitor Basel Volkov of the Ordo Xenos. Welcome back to the Spire. You and your pupil may enter," the giant proclaimed as the Inquisitor put his Rosette back in a pocket of his black greatcoat. The Space Marines opened the heavy doors without so much as an effort, and both men entered the great hall of the Spire.

It is known only to few Guardians themselves from which time their Chapter stems. Knowledge is power, and the origins of the Chapter are secrets well guarded deep within the catacombs of the Spire, a vast baroque Fortress-Monastery hidden deep within the mountains of Mortikah VII.
The only thing that is certain, is the fact the Guardians of the Covenant were founded to stand vigil against the horrors that lurk beyond the Halo Stars, on the edge of the Segmentum Pacificus.
Inquisitors place the founding of the Chapter around M34, though some ancient scriptures and artistic renderings speak of a Chapter in the First Legion which carried the Chapter Symbol, Vigilatus on their banners.
During their millennia-long existence, the Chapter has stood watch over a region of space from which many alien threats find their origin. To better understand the myriad threats the galaxy had to offer, the brothers of the Guardians of the Covenant took upon themselves to record and catalogue all knowledge and information they could gather, eventually leading to works such as the Tome of Oblivion, a vast collection of knowledge, carefully gathered and indexed over the course of dozens of centuries. It is this the Battle-Brothers of the chapter are renowned for and it has earned them both praise and ire from the various institutions the Imperium consists of.

The quest for knowledge and understanding is what drives the Chapter. Passing the martial training will result in a suit of Power Armour for an aspiring Battle-Brother. However, they are expected to add a unique piece of knowledge, fully studied and well documented, to the Archives of the Spire. Only after a Brother has done this, will he earn the trademark Crimson Robe so often seen flowing over the dull grey Power Armour.

The Chapter places knowledge and understanding above all else. Though dogmatic worship of the Emperor is frowned upon by members of the Chapter, certain freedom of thought is given to Brothers of the Chapter. This has resulted in both zealous Space Marines as well as more open minded individuals. Guardians of the Covenant believe that no one entity but the Emperor holds the truth, and by congregating and sharing ideas, they can come closer to understanding this truth.

Chapter Doctrines
The Chapter is unique in that they value scholarly arts on an equal level to martial arts. Most Battle-Brothers are gifted individuals with unique skills that range from poetry to masonry and from biology to exact science.
The path to becoming an Astartes of the Chapter is a long and arduous one. A brother is expected to take part in the Practicum as well as the Theoreticum. The former earning them a suit of Power Armour, the latter earning a brother his Crimson Robes. The Practicum equals the training each aspiring member of the Adeptus Astartes receives over the course of many years until they become a full Battle-Brother. During this training, a brother of the Guardians of the Covenant will also attend the Theoreticum, a unique course of learning which is considered of equal importance to the Practicum. In order to pass the Theoreticum, a brother has to complete a Quest for Knowledge. This Quest can only be completed once the Brother has proven his worth by adding a unique piece of knowledge to the Archive or Librarium. A Battle-Brother is free to choose in what way this piece of knowledge takes form, be it music, scripture or science.

Through extensive knowledge, a Battle-Brother hopes to understand his situation and his foe.
The Chapter itself is divided into several Convenio, which translates to Low-Gothic as “Gatherings”. Each Gathering the equivalent of a Codex Company. A Convenio is led by a Dominus, or Company Master. These are gifted and wise individuals, each one taking care of a certain aspect within the Chapter. Together with the First Company, the Convenio Mentoris, they form the Convenio Arcanum. The Guardians of the Covenant equivalent of the Inner Circle, the Convenio Arcanum is led by the Xandor Solacion, Lord Guardian of Mortikah and Supreme Grand Master of the Guardians of the Covenant.

Status as Unforgiven
Though part of the Unforgiven and close ties to other Unforgiven Chapters, the Guardians of the Covenant, mostly due to their remote location, do not actively hunt the Fallen like their primogenitor and fellow successor chapters. Though aid will be given when requested, the Chapter's Convenio Venator, which was originally formed after the primogenitor's Ravenwing, seldom rides out for one of the cast-down members of the legion from whence they originated.
This has further lead to an already isolated status apart from the rest of the Unforgiven. Nevertheless, the Guardians of the Covenant are proud of their heritage as Sons of the Lion and follow many traditions laid down by their parent legion and Chapter

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Thousand Points of Warfare. Part II: The Pictures.

Since the internet loves pictures, and I felt creative, I've managed to take some pictures of the 1000pts list I will be using upcoming friday. I had 50 points left, so it was only a natural choice for me to include an Aegis Defence Line without gun, for that would make it 100pts total. Overall, I'm very happy with he list and wonder against what I will be playing.

The overview

The Snipers

Land Speeder Tempest

Company Master with Company Veterans
Tactical Squad

Combat Squad with Contemptor-Mortis

Company Master - TH/SS/Art. Armour - 155pt.

Company Veterans - 2xPower Sword/2x Combat Shield/Heavy Bolter - 135pts

Tactical Squad - 10 Marines/Vet. Sergeant/Power Fist/Flamer/Missile Launcher - 195pts
Tactical Squad – 70pts
Scouts - Sniper Rifles/Vet. Sergeant - 70pts

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Tempest - 110pt

Heavy Support
Contemptor-Mortis – 2xKheres Assault Cannon/Cyclone Missile Launcher – 215pts

Aegis Defence Line - 50pts  


Monday, 3 June 2013

A Thousand Points of Warfare. Part II

Friday's Warhammer Night. So it's time to put together a few lists of 1000 points to play with. I don't know against what I will play and I know both lists are overpriced for what they do, but I'd really like for some specific units to see some action. I know, one HQ is risky, but it doesn't matter. It's a friendly match without WAAC-blokes foaming their mouths above the table. Right now, I was thinking about using the second list.

Librarian – 65pts


Deathwing Terminators - 5 Terminators/1xLightning Claws/Assault Cannon – 240pts


Tactical Squad - 10 Marines/Vet. Sergeant/Power Fist/Flamer/Missile Launcher - 195pts
Tactical Squad - 10 MarinesVet/Vet. Sergeant/Power Sword/Meltagun/Heavy Bolter – 185pts
Scouts - 5 Scouts/Sniper Rifles/Vet. Sergeant - 70pts

Fast Attack

Ravenwing Attack Squadron – Power Maul – 95pts

Heavy Support

Predator – TL-Lascannon/Lascannon Sponsons - 140pts


Company Master - TH/SS/Art. Armour - 155pt.

Company Veterans - 2xPower Sword/2x Combat Shield/Heavy Bolter - 135pts

Tactical Squad - 10 Marines/Vet. Sergeant/Power Fist/Flamer/Missile Launcher - 195pts
Tactical Squad – 70pts
Scouts - Sniper Rifles/Vet. Sergeant - 70pts

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Tempest - 110pt

Heavy Support
Contemptor-Mortis – 2xKheres Assault Cannon/Cyclone Missile Launcher – 215pts

Aegis Defence Line - 50pts  

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