Monday, 17 October 2016

Work in Progress: Heresy-Era Iron Warriors Legion

Just as the title says. I'm working on my BaC infantry. Since the new BaC set The Burning of Prospero was announced, I've been on a rush to complete the set. Only once I've finished the set for the full 100%, do I allow myself to go ahead and buy the new box. I've already got a large backlog, I don't want it to become even bigger with an influx of 50+ models!

What you see here is tabletop quality. While I do like my troops to look good, I am not a perfectionist when it comes to the rank and file. An army looks as good as the sum of all models is my creed.

It's a Chaos black basecoat with leadbelcher base colour. After that a thorough Nuln Oil wash and again a Leadbelcher highlight. The shoulder trims and copper elements are painted a thin Gehenna's Gold followed by - again - a Nuln Oil wash. The left kneepad will display either the legion or the Grand Company and the left one will see some hazard stripes.

80% finished Legion Sergeant and 2nd Legion Sergeant with just the basecoat

Iron Warriors Legionnaire
First 10 man Tactical Squad, nearly done.
Legionary Sergeant close-up
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