Sunday, 21 December 2014

Building a Greater Brass Scorpion part II

After a brief intermission from working on the Brass Scorpion, I dared to continue. The model has been primed and has received a leadbelcher basecoat. Since the actual construction of the model involves overlapping armour plates and other areas I can't reach well, and seeing that the model is quite a hassle to put together right (ball joints, many flimsy legs), I decided to paint each part individually and put the whole together when done.

However, I'm a bit lost in the creative process. Clearly, this scorpion won't be Khorny red. I want it to be a mean heavy metal machine, with lots of wear and tear, rust and weathering. The thing that halted the process is the matter of hazard stripes. Should I put hazard stripes onto this model, or should I not?

If so, where would the hazard stripes be best? On its pincers? One of the armour plates perhaps? I just can't decide. I don't know if it would compliment the model either. If you read this, and have an opinion on this, please share. I'm at a complete loss!

Perhaps some hazard stripes on (some of) its legs? Hnnnghh..

Best belly there is!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Storm of Iron: Iron Warriors 10th Grand Battallion WIP II

Hi folks,

Time for a hobby update. I have not been sitting idle the last few days. Time did not allow me to take better photos, so bear with me on this one.
I've completed work on two Chaos Space Marine squads, a Possessed squad, a Vindicator and two Rhino transports.

Last but not least is my Daemon Prince, which I am going to paint using an experimental method of washing and drybrushing. Please stick around for more update on the Prince.

Meanwhile, the work on my Brass Scorpion has progressed, but I'm still deciding on where and how to go about with the hazard stripes on that model.

- Revan

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