Thursday, 25 February 2016

Work in Progress: Iron Warriors Hell Talon Fighter-Bomber

I haven't posted for some time, last post was in November I believe. I took a break from painting, since I lost a bit of mojo. Sometimes, when it comes to hobbying, I''m a bit over-saturated and I need a well-earned break. Playing games with my armies still continues, but the painting/building aspect is on hold for some weeks or months.

But not any longer! The best motivation I can have is that I have to meet a deadline. I dislike playing with unpainted models, so when I have a nice (large) battle upcoming and feel the need to use new toys, I embark upon a quest to finish that model so I can use it in the battle.
This has always worked for me and with that in mind I started working again on my Hell Talon. As you can see, it's far from there yet, but It will be done by tonight. All I need to add is some decals, weathering and highlights and she's ready to dominate the skies!

Hell Talon - Now with hazard stripes!

Tamiya 6mm masking tape works best for this kind of job.

Warp Pulse Bombs slowly gaining colour

I use a custom flight rod and base from Dragon Forge Studios.
To the left is the GW flyer base.

She stands firm!

Finally, added the canopy. I decided red glass was better looking.
Renegade Guardsman on the wing for scale reference. The Hell Talon is easily 1,5 Baneblades long.
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