Monday, 16 December 2013

An experiment: using home-printed transfers.

Hey guys,
Several months ago, I've posted about how I printed my own decals(, and I gave them a try this morning. Now, as you can see, it's not entirely perfect. It shows some white on the edges (it's white decal paper) which I need to cover with a bit of black paint. Other than that, it seems quite smooth. And though it doesn't really solve with use of a solvent (because of the gloss varnish coat), it looks pretty decent. Anyway, here are some very WIP photo's. Expect the final result very soon!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

New Blog on the Horizon: Storm of Iron

Very, very recently I've made my first steps as a Heretic; I've started a Chaos Space Marine army, which I will be building towards 1000 points, so it can compete in my FLGS weekly friday night battles, which some of you might know from my Thousand Points of Warfare series.
Today saw a turning point, because I've actually started working on a 10-man Chaos Marine squad and a Terminator Lord.

Here's what I'm planning for them:

Harkor the Demolisher - Chaos Lord with Terminator Armour/Combi-Melta/Power Axe - 117pts

Old Varrux - Helbrute with Missile Launcher and Plasma Cannon - 120pts

The Forgebreakers - 9 Marines with Bolters, Lascannon, Melta and Rhino, Champion with Power Fist -240pts

Harkor's Brazen - 9 Marines with Bolters, Lascannon, Plasma Gun and Rhino, Champion with Power Sword and Plasma Pistol -240pts

Heavy Support
The Hellmaw - Chaos Vindicator with Siege Shield and Combi-bolter - 135pts

Champions of Olympia - Havocs with 4 autocannons, Champion with Power Axe and Bolt Pistol

Army-wide Veterans of the Long War.

Points total: 997

The army will be very fluffy and modelled with true Iron Warriors iconography. Expect lots of Forge World Iron Armour, legion weaponry and GW's Iron Warriors bits. This will be one of my most ambitious projects yet and I am already very excited to share the ideas and creativity with you guys.
Pictures and a link to the blog will soon follow!

Thousand Points of Warfare: Tau Trouble!

Yesterday saw some action against the Tau and their shooty onslaught. I went up against Shadowsun and a cadre of Crisis Suits, two squads of Fire Warriors and Pathfinders and a bloody Riptide. Ouch time. I didn't make too many pictures this time. But let's just say that I got tabled down to the last marine. Had much fun though. Can't wait to use my Fellblade in upcoming Escalation battles.

The unlucky Predator which didn't survive the first turn

The heavy guns - Rifle dreadnought and Plasma Cannon
Chaplain Olmas leads a Tactical Squad

Fire Warriors and an (unpainted) Riptide.

Taking cover.

Deep strike!

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