Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Battle Pics from last weekend's Apocalypse match!

Four 6' x 4' tables joined together made for one hell of a battlefield

Some of the weapons of war

Tallarn on the move.

More Lawrence of Arabia in SPESS!

The Scorpion on the prowl

Harry the Traitor didn't have his day..

"Just follow the Scorpion and mop up what's left.."

Monday, 24 August 2015

Work in Progress: Hell Talon Fighter-Bomber

A good friend of mine had this Hell Talon lyring around in its original sealbag ever since its release in 2004(!). When he offered to sell me the model for a fair price, I just could not say no. The Hell Talon is a huge model, though very flat. it's longer than a Baneblade. If you take a look at the building instruction sheet, you can see that it's very meagre and the model is somewhat of a puzzle to build. Once you see where all the parts fit, it's an easy build.

The Hell Talon is one of Forge World's earlier kits. And, in some things this is very visible. Not all parts fit as well as with modern resin kits, requiring a bit of greenstuff here and there. Further more, it lacks an amount of detail modern (CAD designed) resin kits have. Nevertheless, that's part of the appeal a model like this has. The only downside is that this model did not come with a flight stand, nor means to attach a flight stand to the model. I'll be looking at third party manufacturers like Dragon Forge for a nice acrylic rod able to carry this weighty model.

I look forward to the Forge World European Open Day here in Amsterdam, I'll be picking up a copy of Imperial Armour 13: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned, which features up to date rules for this model and many more.

Three fearless pilots, very detailed!
Eight dangerous bombs, plus the autocannon and lascannon armaments
Without a rubber band and some heavy duty super glue, it would have never worked
All the wonderful instructions that came with the model. Such detail, much wow..
As you can see, the wing parts are huge chunks of resin, they needed some de-warping, but came out well
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