Saturday, 23 May 2015

Finally: Iron Warriors army shot!

It took me a while, but finally I've got an army shot for my Iron Warriors. Aside of a primered Shadowsword that was too unfinished to display, this is the entirety of my (ever expanding) Iron Warriors army.

As you can see, most of it is finished to a decent tabletop quality. The only things left unfinished are the Daemon Prince, the Dreadclaw and its squad and the bases of several models, which still need to be ordered over at Dragon Forge.

As I've said in my previous post, the dreadclaw has some areas painted yellow. These areas will be covered with hazard stripes when the thing is done. Also, I'm planning on getting a Hell Blade chaos fighter some time in the future, and of course a Land Raider and more Vindicators.

Xzar the Exalted and the Forlorn (Sounds like an obscure Metal band)

Forge World Mk. V assault marines make decent Raptors!

The Brass Sons with their Rhino.

Arrakis the Thrice-Damned, Helbrute and Arch-Heretek Vairecx with bodyguard

The Scions of Medrengard with their Rhino

Chaos Lord Harkor the Demolisher with his Rending Guard

The Iconoclast, a Vindicator Tank and Iron Judges, autocannon Havoc

Last but not least, the Hellraker

Work in progress: Iron Warriors Chaos Dreadclaw

One of my latest purchases is a Legion Dreadclaw. Something about this model just screams awesomeness. The build was pretty straightforward, once you've gotten the hang of it (which in my case took quite a while...)

Check the blog for more updates, because at the moment of writing, the Dreadclaw has a leadbelcher basecoat and some yellow areas on the fuselage which will get some hazard stripes. I intend to run this dreadclaw with a squad of Chaos Marines with CCW and Mark of Khorne and Icon of Vengeance, the squad will carry two flamers as well. Costly? Certainly. Awesome? Most definitely.

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