Thursday, 8 January 2015

Storm of Iron: First battle with the Iron Warriors

I've had my first battle with my Iron Warriors. They proved to be utterly devastating. However, the battle was a bit one sided. We played with three players, 1500pts a side on a rectangular table. I was in the middle, so you can guess how that went. A war fought on two fronts is a war lost. So I lost. Utterly devastated by Tau en Ultramarines. Had fun though. I regret that I've only taken pictures of my first turn. Battle got really shooty and chaotic after that.

In other news, my bases from Dragon Forge bases did arrive. I wanted to paint them right after they arrived, but my can of black primer was as empty as it could be after coating the brass scorpion, maulerfiend and dozens of other Iron Warriors.

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