Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Storm Eagle in the works. Part V

And finally, the cockpit's done. Tough it looks nice, I'm not a fan of object source lighting, so I didn't apply it there. Anyhow. I like how the cockpit has turned out. That, and the robed, hooded pilot was a must and finishes the whole aesthetic. Here are some pictures I took with the last clear daylight today had to offer.

Storm Eagle in the works. Part IV

Almost done.
Those two words mark the end of one of my most frustrating, but in the end most satisfying project to date.
The Storm Eagle has been one heck of a build and a huge thing to paint. I painted it by hand, and slathered almost half a pot of Badab Black wash over it's metallic areas, it's the last pot and it's almost gone now (too bad!).
Though some people didn't like the little conversion I did, I think the added tail section really, really finishes the model. It's more of a little brother to the Thunderhawk now. I'm really happy with the result so far. Though it's not yet finished. There are a few lenses and lights that still need work and the metal itself needs some highlighting. Last but not least, the chapter heraldry and company markings need to be added, but I will  wait with that stuff until the very last (I'm really bad at freehanding).

For the sense of scale, I added a Land Speeder Tempest and a vanguard veteran. The Tempest really fits with the Eagle's aesthetic, especially when looking at the wings.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took (without flash) in broad daylight. Hell yeah, a Guardians of the Covenant Mortikah-pattern Storm Eagle!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Storm Eagle in the works. Part III

It's been a while, I know. Have had little time for the hobby last few weeks. Nevertheless, today was a productive day. I spent some hours further finishing my Storm Eagle. The final layers, shaders and washes are on. All that remains now is the cockpit, some detail on the pilot, highlights and ofcourse heraldy. May sound like a lot, but believe me. Compared to bulk painting and the awful building process, it's peanuts.
I guess I have right to say that mine is the first ever Guardians of the Covenant Storm Eagle.
Anyway, here are some pictures.

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