Saturday, 6 July 2013

A work in progress: Damocles Command Rhino. Part III.

After over two weeks of neglecting the hobby and therefore this blog, I decided it's time for an update.
With good spirits, I continued work on the exterior of my Damocles Rhino. After the black undercoat, I painted the red areas with Mechrite Red and all the metal areas with Boltgun metal. The aquilas on the doors were painted chainmail and the side doors Chaos Black. That's the first step. The second step is covering the Mechrite Red with two layers of Scab Red and painting small metal areas like the exhausts with Tin Bitz. Thirdly, the washing can begin. Lots of Badab Black on the metal parts and Devlan Mud on the red parts. The last wash is several layers of Sepia on the silver aquilas, to make them seem dull gold. 
The result is shown below. Not done yet, but I'm getting there. ;)

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