Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Work in Progress: Iron Warriors Defiler

One of the nicest (and oldest) plastic kits for the Chaos Space Marine product line has to be the Defiler. I love this kit to bits. A right 'n proppa Daemon Engine. It's not yet finished. Still some highlighting to do here and there, but you get the feel.

A nice thing about the Defiler is that it's big and scary. Aside of that making it a big target, it also intimidates opponents. This effect should not be ignored. An opponent shall direct a lot of fire towards this model to try and take it out.
The hazard stripes were made with Tamiya masking tape and the trophy spikes on top were painted in the livery of two of my opponents (red Tau and Necrons).

The lascannons on the side of the Defiler are actually from an old Contemptor dreadnought, I decided to give that dreadnought a conversion beamer and the Contemptor weapons fit perfectly on the sides of Mr. Defiler.

Other stuff on my painting table at the moment are 15 cultists and a 10 man havoc squad with plasma guns. Expect some pics of those, soon.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Showcase: Arrakis the Thrice-Damned: Ferrum Infernus Dreadnought & Dreadclaw flyer base.

Hi folks,
After one-and-a-half month, it was due time for another update. Since the last post, I've moved to another house (finally, with a dedicated hobby-room!), so painting kind of slowed down to a trickle. Since then, I've gone back to painting. Next month, I've got an Apocalypse match planned with some lads I met on Facebook. Nothing motivates me more than a good match on the horizon and a vow to have every single unit painted, so that no unfinished models are brought to said Apocalypse match.

Some time ago, I purchased two resin scenic bases from an obscure Ukranian website. The base used for the Dreadnought had the feet cast onto it, which reminds me of the old Dreadnought bases Forge World used to sell. Secondly, the flyer base had a neat cross-cut into it, so that a GW flying stem fits perfectly. Both these things saved me a lot of trouble, and the result doesn't lie!

I've had the dreadnought painted for some time, but since I fitted it onto its new base, I can finally say that it's finished. During regular games, I'll be running it as a plain Helbrute. With narrative games, it'll be used as a proper Ferrum Infernus, as per the rules found in Imperial Armour 13.
Finally, the Dreadclaw has a nice base as well. I'm real happy with the result. The next Iron Warriors project I'm focusing on now, are the Hell Talon and a ten-man Havoc squad with plasma guns. When those are done, I'll be heading back to the Guardians of the Covenant (finally!) for a proper Land Speeder army.

- Revan88

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