Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A Thousand Points of Heretics

So, this is the list I will be using tonight: Thousand points. 48 Renegade Guardsmen with an Iron Warriors allied detachment. Not a whole lot to explain, just wanted to share this picture.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Showcase: Renegade Wyvern

So, I've got a new phone (Galaxy S7) and wow. Just wow. The pictures it takes are just stunning and so crisp!

Now on to the model. It's the first of a squadron of three Wyverns. as such, it holds the honour of being the squadron command vehicle. I plan on giving the other two tanks no hazard stripes and less prominent Chaos icons. All in all the model was nice to paint and went together well, using the trusty Chimera chassis. The gunner is a regular Cadian which I've given rebreather backpack and a skull to "chaosify" him a bit, and yes, I even painted the tiny cigar he holds in his lips. The tank commander holding the co-ordinates is using a regular FW renegade torso.
Where possible, I've covered up the aquila's, such as the ones on the tank's flanks. The aquila on the turret I kept and defiled it a bit by scratching it with a hobby knife. The hazard stripes are done with Tamiya masking tape 6mm. The tank uses two base colours: leadbelcher and Khorne red, topped with several washes, drybrushes and highlights.

My Renegade Guard army, the Apostates of Draghan, are taking shape nicely. I've got a full infantry platoon with special and heavy weapons, and a ten man Command Squad all done and based, and a trio of Leman Russes in the process of being painted. All in all it's an awesome army. Seeing 50+ bodies on the table is a fearsome sight!

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