Wednesday, 6 April 2016

WIP: Iron Warriors Centurion (30k)

Just a quick pic of an Iron Warriors Centurion Om working on. As you could've guessed. ot's the 2011 Gamesday model. In my opinion one of the best Mk3 marines out there. Still a lot needs to be done obviously, but the general idea is there!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Photos of The Great April Apocalypse

Every couple of months, me and my friends gather for an epic Apocalypse match. 3k points per player, four players per side. With awesome battlefields that are constructed just for this match, the battles always provide for awesome photo's. Though our side brutally lost the match due to OP Eldar (I'm looking at you, Lynx..) shenanigans and one particular Tau player who takes winning just a bit too seriously (parking a Ta'unar in a 6 void shield bubble..), we still had lots of fun.

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