Saturday, 31 August 2013

Future Ideas: Custom Sammael, Predator Assassin Squadron

Predator Assassin Squadron

Recently, i've been musing about some really, really cool ideas for my Guardians of the Covenant Apocalypse army.
Slowly but surely, I've been building towards an Predator Assassin Squadron. With the first lascannon Predator already done and a second one in black basecoat, I'm now turning my eyes towards a third one.
The third predator will be the Squadron's leader. So it has to be special.
Let's look at the specials:

1. I can choose for a Predator MkIVC. With it's reinforced symmetric turret and custom lascannon-sponsons, it's a pretty thing for one's eyes. If you can spot the differences that is.

2. I could also choose for a Deimos Predator. With it's dome turret and archaic looks it would stand out more than the MkIVC. There is one "but". The Deimos Predators aren't made to fit Forge World's dozer blades. And a big feature of the Assassin Squadron is that I want to oufit them all with dozer blades.

3. Thirdly, I could just go for a regular Predator as well and give it lots of extra gubbinz. I've still got a spare Baal Predator front plate and other shenanigans. Maybe I could outfit it with a reinforced hull from FW?

So, there's some choices. And boy, how I am *NOT* good with choices.


Custom Sammael on Jetbike

On the other hand, another great conversion project has been bubbling from my mind for quite some months now. Ever since the Scimitar jetbike got released, I've been thinking of buying one and converting it my custom Sammael.
I know some people don't like the Scimitar and think of it as very "phallic" in nature. Hence being called the dickbike lovingly. But I quite like it.
I have some spare robed Ravenwing legs and torsos lying in my bitz and I was thinking of using the head from the Dark Vengeance Company Master. I know some would call be mad and point at GW's Sammael and how majestic it looks with the aquila on front and all that robed goodness. But naw. That's Sammael, and I don't want my Guardians of the Covenant to be simple "Dark Angels in a different colour scheme".
In my Lore-post, I've already come up with a name for this noble warrior and his metal steed: Grand Master Drachyon and his jetbike Mercurion

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lore of the Guardians of the Covenant: Chapter Organisation

Index of the companies of the Guardians of the Covenant and their Masters.

1st Company – Convenio Mentoris “Gathering of Teachers”

The First Company is known as the Covenio Mentoris, its members are called Mentors. It is their task to instruct the neophytes and brothers of the Chapter. Their wisdom is vast and they are each warriors without peer. Traditionally, they are clad in Terminator armour, and like their predecessors, the Deathwing, they operate in elite squads with unique equipment. Even within the elite of the Chapter, there is a core of warriors of even greater prowess and renown. These are the Knights of the Covenant; ancient and wise warriors, carrying arcane relics into battle. The Knights of the Covenant are led by Grand Master Trayarch, the Master of the First Company.

2nd Company – Convenio Venator “Gathering of Hunters”

The Second Company, known as the Convenio Venator, the Gathering of Hunters. This Convenio is an offshoot of the Ravenwing and originally served the same purpose as their primogenitors: the hunt for the Fallen. Over the centuries, the Gathering's paradigm has shifted from hunting the Fallen to becoming a highly mobile surgical strike force. The Convenio specialises in bikes and Land Speeders, the latter of which they can field entire squadrons. The Second Company has an elite core of veterans as well. These are called the Black Knights, similar to their Ravenwing counterparts. The Black Knights wear jet black suits of archaic power armour under their flowing crimson robes and it is their task to hit the enemy where the fighting is fiercest. The Convenio is led by Grand Master Drachyon, who rides into battle Mercurion, an ancient Scimitar-pattern jetbike.

3rd Company – Convenio Tutores “Gathering of Guardians”

The Third Company, the lauded Convenio Tutores or Gathering of Guardians, is the most renowned of the battle companies. It is they who are on the forefront of the many battles the Guardians of the Covenant are involved in, and they serve as the solid backbone of the fighting strength of the Chapter. The history of the Convenio Tutores is a long and glorious one and they are the exemplars of how the Imperium and the Mortikans view the Brothers of the Chapter. The Gathering of Guardians is led by Master Isolder.

4th Company – Convenio Fides “Gathering of Faith”

The Fourth Company, also named the Convenio Fides or Gathering of Faith are the second battle company of the Chapter. They too are part of the backbone on which the Chapter relies. The Convenio Fides has earned renown when the full Company deployed en masse during the Lelith Incursion, where the company, despite heavy losses, was able to hold the line against the shapeshifting ultra-violent tide of Xenos known as the Lelith. The name of the Convenio has its origins in the Reclusiam; it was from this Convenio that the Chaplaincy traditionally recruited its members. The Company is led by Master Tarvanix.

5th Company – Convenio Pares “Gathering of Equals”

The Fifth Company of the Guardians of the Covenant is traditionally the company in which Battle-Brothers first come together as Tactical Marines, hence the name Convenio Pares or Gathering of Equals. In this company a Brother will be first put to the test to utilise all his skills, whether it be assault, devastator or tactical duty. The company rarely deploys in full strength, but instead sends of one or more squads as part of a multi-disciplined strike force led by a Force Commander. The Company is led by Master Zahariel.

6th Company – Convenio Armatura “Gathering of Armour”

The Sixth Company is a deviation from the Codex Astartes as laid down by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman. It is the Sixth Company that mans most of the vehicles in the armory of the Chapter. The Convenio Armatura, or Gathering of Armour holds over a hundred Predator Tanks, Rhinos, Razorbacks, Vindicators, Whirlwinds and Thunderhawks, and many relics such as Deimos Predators, Storm Eagles and even an indomitable Fellblade. The Convenio has a large number of Techmarines which are tasked to maintain the vehicles and dreadnoughts in the armoury. The Company is traditionally led by the Master of the Forge,  Luthenas Vairez.

7th Company – Convenio Animus “Gathering of Courage”

The Seventh Company, named the Convenio Animus in High Gothic, or come commonly, the Gathering of Courage is a dedicated Devastator Company. After a set period in the Convenio Robus, a Battle-Brother will be transferred to the Convenio Animus to be well versed in the arts of long range warfare. It is these brothers who wield the heaviest weapons the Chapter has to offer. Seldom do they deploy as a Company, rather, like their brothers from the Eighth Company, they get assigned to Force Commanders to fulfil a specific role, often that of heavy fire support or tank hunters. The Gathering of Courage is led  by Master Monternus.

8th Company – Convenio Robus “Gathering of Strength”

The Eighth Company is the dedicated Assault Company. They are known as the Convenio Robus, the Gathering of Strength. It is in this company that a Battle-Brother gets tutored in the fine arts of close combat by the Company's veteran Astartes, after serving time in the Convenio Consilium. This Convenio is typically divided into ten squads of ten Brothers each, and rarely fights as one. Instead, the brothers within this Convenio are assigned as Assault Squads to other Companies or under the command of a Force Commander. The Company is led by Master Iactohin.

9th Company – Convenio Consilium “Gathering of Wisdom”

The Ninth Company, also known as the Convenio Consilium, or Gathering of Wisdom is the Company where a Scout that has passed the Practicum will learn how to fully use and utilise his Power Armour. It is effectively a Reserve Company and a place of learning for Battle-Brothers freshly donning their suits of armour. It is in this Company that those who have not already completed their Theoreticum, will do so. Hence the name the Convenio carries. If the Convenio Discipuli instructs a neophyte on how to be a warrior proper, it is the Convenio Consilium that teaches one to be a Space Marine. The Company is led by Master Bentagal.

10th Company – Convenio Discipuli “Gathering of Students”

It is in this very Company that a neophyte will be able to test his mettle against many threats as a Space Marine Scout. Here he will learn what it is to be part of an Astartes fighting force. Be it as stealthy commandos or front line troops. A member of the Tenth Company, the Convenio Discipuli or Gathering of Students will be subjected to a myriad of tests and courses to prepare himself to become a Battle-Brother of the Chapter. As a part of this Company, a Neophyte will be tasked to add a single piece of knowledge or art to the Great Library of the Spire, proving himself a graduate of the Theoreticum as well as the Practicum; earning him the Crimson Robes as well as the iconic gunmetal grey Power Armour. The Company is led by the Master of Recruits, Crastor Vaharix.

The Circle of Sages - Covenio Arcanum "Gathering of Secrets"

While not Chapter Company, the Convenio Arcanum, or Circle of Sages in Low Gothtic, takes an important place within the Chapter. It is effectively the Inner Circle of the Guardians of the Covenant. Where being a member of the Inner Circle originally meant being privy to the most dire of Chapter secrets, the Convenio Arcanum deviated from its primogentor over the centuries. Only the most wise and most celebrated Guardians are asked to join the Circle of Sages. As such, it is comprised mostly of veteran Astartes. There are a few exceptions however. Some Battle-Brothers have joined the Circle after adding an invaluable item to the Librarius of the Spire, or some have shown exceptional bravery in the tide of battle.
The Convenio Arcanum is led by the Supreme Grand Master, Xandor Solaceon.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Guardians of the Covenant Fellblade Superheavy Tank - Part IV: Basecoating

Hey folks,
Today I finally finished constructing the Fellblade. Yes, even the gun sponsons and the cables finally fit together after an "elegan/tg/entleman" on a well known imageboard showed me the way. The basecoat -Citadel Chaos black spray paint- did its job well as you can see. I think the whole tank has used a staggering 2/3 of the entire can before I was satisfied and little to no resin was showing.
Aside of the Fellblade, a third kitbashed predator got a basecoat and as you can see, Belial with a thunder hammer and storm shield got a lick of black as well.

Now the painting can commence. Those who are familiar with my work know that I paint all my stuff by hand, with a pencil! I already thought that my Storm Eagle was too much surface work with a pencil, I can only imagine what effort I need to put into this beast and how much Boltgun Metal and (my last) Badab Black it will consume. Nevertheless, seeing it all black has stirred something in my heart and I have to admit, I'm still in love with the thing.
Anyway, enough ranting. See for yourself!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Guardians of the Covenant Fellblade Superheavy Tank - Part III: Obstacles on the road to completion

What can I say?
It's a beast, this tank. The sheer size of it becomes clear when a "tiny" rhino is placed next to it. And yes I know, it's my Damocles Rhino which still isn't finished (I mean to finish it today! I truly do!). So far, I've not found any more obstacles on the road to completion.
None save one...
There are power cables/couplings on the quad lascannons sponsors and I haven't the slightest clue as to where to connect those power cables! The instructions are vague and the images even more so. Add to that, the pictures of constructed fellblades don't show the right angle! Frustration!

As you can see, (and I say it again) this tank is a beast. Especially when compared to the *cute* Rhino.
My Guardians army has the tendency to be far from photogenic. Whenever I use a flash (as seen in the picture below), my paintjobs look horrible and the dark metal looks a tad too dark. Just look at the pictures taken in broad daylight and those few taken with a flash and you know what I mean.

All in all, tonight is my FLGS Warhammer Night, and I plan to show off my Fellblade and work on my Damocles Rhino. Perhaps even a battle using one of my lists in the Thousand Points of Warfare posts.



The turret dome is as big as the Rhino!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Guardians of the Covenant Fellblade Superheavy Tank - Part II: Construction.

Hey folks,

Well here she is so far. My Fellblade, which I will name "The Last Guardian" once she is done. And oh my, she's a fat lady. Yeah it's a she and, referring to my previous post, I'm still in love with her.

So far, it's been relatively easy to build aside from the regular "resin-hassle" of large Forge World kits. But it is nowhere near as frustrating as the Storm Eagle, which was a horrendous task to build. All in all, it uses very little plastic. Only the bottom plate and the inner sides of the tank are plastic. All in all, it fits relatively well together without too much use of a hairdryer or warm water. The tracks however are a frustrating fit, and the building instructions as vague as ever.

I don't plan on using the two MkII Legionaries that came with the kit. It's not a Legion tank after all. In their stead, I will use robed Guardians sticking out of the hatches like I did with my Laspredator.
All that remains now are the rhino-hatches on the side and of course the quad lascannons/laser destroyers.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Guardians of the Covenant Fellblade Superheavy Tank - Part I: Unboxing

Hey folks,

It's been quite a while since I last posted. And I have to admit, my Damocles Rhino isn't finished yet. I blame it all on the summer. It's hot here in the Netherlands. Couple that with lots of hours on spent working and what's left of the time needing to be spent with the lady, that's not much time left for the hobby. Oh, how I long for cooler days.

Anyway. As you've already seen in the title, I've started work on a very special project. Ever since it came out last year, love bloomed between me and the Fellblade. It's an expensive thing, I know, but a little savings go a long way. It went from romantic dream to a certainty when I read the index of Forge World's upcoming Imperial Armour: Apocalypse. It has RULES for the Fellblade for uses in 40k Apocalypse matches. Aw yiss!

When I read it, I just knew I had to buy one. And so I did. The friendly neighbourhood UPS-man made my day today when he stopped by with a huge box.

The first thing about this kit, it's massive. And when I mean massive, I mean truly, vastly massive. Just the turret dome weighs more than a Land Raider. It's a solid chunk of resin, not to mention the top plate on which it will eventually rest. This tank is a beast that will dwarf even a mighty Baneblade. All in all, I really wonder what this model will weigh once I've put it together. That said, I just had to share it with you guys.
I've put a Marine next to it to show you the size of the Fellblade's parts. I am happy to announce the first of it's kind: a Guardians of the Covenant Fellblade.

For once, I'm happy that my girlfriend doesn't read this blog, because I think I'm in love with something else.

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