Saturday, 31 August 2013

Future Ideas: Custom Sammael, Predator Assassin Squadron

Predator Assassin Squadron

Recently, i've been musing about some really, really cool ideas for my Guardians of the Covenant Apocalypse army.
Slowly but surely, I've been building towards an Predator Assassin Squadron. With the first lascannon Predator already done and a second one in black basecoat, I'm now turning my eyes towards a third one.
The third predator will be the Squadron's leader. So it has to be special.
Let's look at the specials:

1. I can choose for a Predator MkIVC. With it's reinforced symmetric turret and custom lascannon-sponsons, it's a pretty thing for one's eyes. If you can spot the differences that is.

2. I could also choose for a Deimos Predator. With it's dome turret and archaic looks it would stand out more than the MkIVC. There is one "but". The Deimos Predators aren't made to fit Forge World's dozer blades. And a big feature of the Assassin Squadron is that I want to oufit them all with dozer blades.

3. Thirdly, I could just go for a regular Predator as well and give it lots of extra gubbinz. I've still got a spare Baal Predator front plate and other shenanigans. Maybe I could outfit it with a reinforced hull from FW?

So, there's some choices. And boy, how I am *NOT* good with choices.


Custom Sammael on Jetbike

On the other hand, another great conversion project has been bubbling from my mind for quite some months now. Ever since the Scimitar jetbike got released, I've been thinking of buying one and converting it my custom Sammael.
I know some people don't like the Scimitar and think of it as very "phallic" in nature. Hence being called the dickbike lovingly. But I quite like it.
I have some spare robed Ravenwing legs and torsos lying in my bitz and I was thinking of using the head from the Dark Vengeance Company Master. I know some would call be mad and point at GW's Sammael and how majestic it looks with the aquila on front and all that robed goodness. But naw. That's Sammael, and I don't want my Guardians of the Covenant to be simple "Dark Angels in a different colour scheme".
In my Lore-post, I've already come up with a name for this noble warrior and his metal steed: Grand Master Drachyon and his jetbike Mercurion

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