Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Guardians of the Covenant Fellblade Superheavy Tank - Part II: Construction.

Hey folks,

Well here she is so far. My Fellblade, which I will name "The Last Guardian" once she is done. And oh my, she's a fat lady. Yeah it's a she and, referring to my previous post, I'm still in love with her.

So far, it's been relatively easy to build aside from the regular "resin-hassle" of large Forge World kits. But it is nowhere near as frustrating as the Storm Eagle, which was a horrendous task to build. All in all, it uses very little plastic. Only the bottom plate and the inner sides of the tank are plastic. All in all, it fits relatively well together without too much use of a hairdryer or warm water. The tracks however are a frustrating fit, and the building instructions as vague as ever.

I don't plan on using the two MkII Legionaries that came with the kit. It's not a Legion tank after all. In their stead, I will use robed Guardians sticking out of the hatches like I did with my Laspredator.
All that remains now are the rhino-hatches on the side and of course the quad lascannons/laser destroyers.

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