Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Veterans

Today I've worked on some of my upcoming Vanguard Veterans. They won't budge with the Dark Angel codex, but with the 6thE Allies chart, it'll fit in just fine, although the unit is overpriced methinks.

The one with the power fist is the sergeant. I love the look of Mk. 8 Errant Armour. And when the ball joint of the neck is cut off, the helmet fits into the slot nicely. The legs are from a sanguinary guard kit and the tassels from a Space Marine commander kit.

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Specialists

Today, it's time for the specialists to be in the spotlights.

 The Librarian

 The Techmarine

The Chaplain

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Dreadnoughts

Today, the dreadnoughts are the focus of the day. Aside of the lovely Contemptors, I've got a (venerable) dreadnought as well. It was my first for this army. And nowadays it gets largely overshadowed by its taller cousins.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Guardians of the Covenant Bookshelf Showcase

A few days of silence, followed by some nice 15 megapixel shots. I've got a nice little still life studio set up, but one of the lights broke down. The following pictures are an experiment. I've made more than I've posted here, but they weren't all post-worthy. Anyway, enjoy.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

You shall not pass.

Awesome pose, awesome photo.
Shame it isn't focused on the company commander in the middle. Nevertheless worth a share, no?

Land Raider Redeemer finished!

Aside of the mechanicum logo on the pauldron of the hull-mounted meltagunner, the Land Raider Redeemer for my ever expanding army of Guardians of the Covenant is finally finished. With a lot of effort I managed to take a couple of pictures with a decent resolution and last but not least a front shot made with my phone.

The Land Raider has been in a state of flux for the last year. I couldn't bring myself to finish it. But today was the day. The purity seals, reflections, visors and all else is finally done. The sides of the Land Raider are further pimped with resin plates by Scibor Miniatures, which give it a nice touch. When I started constructing the Land Raider, I wanted to give it a "riding temple" feel. And I think I succeeded pretty well. It has lots of bling in the form of angels, purity seals, scrolls, incense burners and so forth. The interior is fully painted as well, but without shining a flashlight through the front hatch, no one will see it.
I wanted to leave the top cover plate in a loose fit, but since the model didn't cooperate, I was forced to glue it down

Anyway, have a look for yourself.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tempest cockpit done and other shenanigans.

Now that the final details in the cockpit on my Tempest are done, I might as well show it. I think the radar screen worked out rather well.
On a side note, I did some touch-ups on my Predator tank, mainly the lights, lenses and a rear door with a banner and a decal.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Land Speeder Tempest finished.... Almost.

All in all, my Land Speeder Tempest is pretty much finished. I gave it a wash, a highlight here and there and painted the pilot. Somehow, I find it very difficult to make decent pictures of it. The camera's flash does murder and gives the pictures a strange gloss that it doesn't really have when I look at it with my own eyes. The first picture is taken without a flash and shows the colours much more lifelike.

The sides of the tail fins are black, because I want to add the crossed swords chapter sigil - which is the trademark of the Guardians of the Covenant - there. I've added a couple of white swords on the wings, which I've taken from the Ravenwing sprue, removing the wings on either side.

So it's finished.. almost. What it still lacks is a detailed interior. There's something of a problem here because apparently, I didn't wash the model properly on the inside before basecoating it. As a result the paint on the inside just won't stick. I guess it's some kind of residue from the casting process. I trick coating it with Chaos Black, but no result. A second time I tried to coat it with an old Citadel Foundation, but no result. It looks even worse now. Shame actually, because the pilot ended up really well. If anyone reading this has any advice, please do tell. I'd love to finish the interior as well.

Monday afternoon is hobby afternoon.

So, I've been working on some stuff. Most recently the Land Speeder Tempest which arived last friday. Aside of that, there's the redeemer and a couple of vanguard veterans/assault marines and five hammernators. Somehow, I keep postponing the infantry models, in favour of working on the vehicles.
Anyway, here's the Tempest now, the basic paints are applied. I admit, it looks kind of bland and stale. But a few washes en highlights will do the magic.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Land Raider Redeemer WIP

Hey all,
Second post of the day. But I just want to share something else today.
That something else being my Land Raider Redeemer. Now I know that as of yet, the Redeemer isn't an option in the Dark Angels codex (at least, I assume there hasn't been a WD update mentioning it). Still, I digged it more than the crusader. At the moment I could take it with the 6E Allies special rules.

When I started building it, I had the awesome idea of building LED lights in the interior. This made me paint up the interior, with a marine tending the engine and reading a scanner and another marine pointing a plasma pistol out of the front hatch. As you can see on some pictures, it's really REALLy dusty. And it hasn't been weathered or washed yet, so it looks bland and stale.
An interesting touch to it are the resin plates and slabs from scibor, which *totally unexpectedly* seem to fit in certain places on the tank.
The first picture shows the flamestorm cannons. Due to me moving to a new place, I lost one of the camera/lenses bits that normalle sire the sponsons. I put on my creative coat and slapped some other servo-skull-like scanners on top of the sponsons. They're from the Aegis Defence Line by the way. All in all, this is an ongoing project, which I could finish in a good afternoon's work. I'll post the eventual results here.

Land Speeder Tempest!

Hey all,
It's been around a million years since my last post. And that was fanfic. Since there is a serious lack of Guardians of the Covenant dedicated stuff in the internet, I think I'll post some more WIP stuff on here in the meantime.

I've recently purchased a Land Speeder Tempest from Forge Word. I think the model is great and it's a bit easily overlooked when you take all the other, more recent and probably more special models from Forge World into account. Even though a Typhoon might be better when you look at a points cost, ratio, I tend to run it as a 120pt Tempest anyway. If an opponent refuses to play against my FW models, I could always field is as a regular Typhoon.

Now, on to the model. Some stuff was a bit warped. Especially the tail fin, cockpit canopy and the sensor rods at the wing tips. After a careful dip in some boiling water, the warpage could be undone for the bigger part.

If I remember correctly, the Tempest has been around since 2003/2004(?), so it's an older model which came with Imperial Armour II. With all the Heresy-stuff making the front page of Forge World, this awesome model tends to be overlooked. Shame, I'd say.
When 6th edition arrived, I was hoping that the Tempest would become a Flyer. Especially when taking into account that it's listed as a "Space Marine Aircraft" on the Forge World website. When compared to a regular Land Speeder, there are really some notable differences. For one, it's bigger/ The wings are bigger, the body is more massive and it's not open-topped. It's also a really chunky model. The body is one solid chunk of resin and gives it a real weighty feel.

The only quirk to it, when opening the canopy, is that the Marine pilot inside lacks pauldrons. Now, I've never seen a Space Marine without them and I think it's a design quirk. Seeing that it's an older model. Still, I would have appreciated the pauldrons. That said, it's going to get a basecoat later today and then I'll slap it up with some nice Guardians of the Covenant colours. And maybe, one day, I'll get it a nice resin flying base.
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