Sunday, 13 September 2015

Iron Warriors: Running Contemptor Dreadnought and others

Hey lads,
Though far from finished, I wanted to show you what's in my current backlog. After doing a lot of thinking on how to model the kit below, I finally decided on a running pose, since that suits a close combat Contemptor best.
I own several Contemptors and have worked with this kit before. The possibilities are stunning. There are so many joints that allow the Contemptor to be modelled in almost any way. Since starting the Iron Warriors alongside my Guardians of the Covenant army, I've always wanted an "evil" Contemptor with two claws.
So, when Forge World Amsterdam Open Day hit my country, getting it during the event was a no-brainer.
As you might be able to see I've given it two 20pt Plasma Blasters. That's four plasma shots right before charging in. And charging, is what this thing will do. I plan to give it a the Dreadclaw I've painted up some months ago as a transport. Since the Dreadclaw is an assault vehicle, that might be a lot of fun if used well. My meta is chock full of Monstrous Creatures (many Riptides and their variants) toting 2+ armour saves. This unit should at least counter it. All in all, it's an expensive unit. But we play for the Rule of Cool and for fun, right?

Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought (255pts)
WS5 BS5 S7 Fr13 Side12 Rear10 I4 A3 HP3 (Vehicle, Walker)
Dedicated to Khorne
Searchlights, Smoke Launchers, Adamantium Will, Fleet, Hellfire Reactor, Rage. Rampage

2x Dreadnought CCW (St x2  AP2)
2x Plasma Blaster - 
Assault 2, Str7 AP2 18",

Hellfire Reactor: Gains a 4++ against glancing hits, and a 6++ against penetrating hits.
Any Psyker in close combat suffers an auto St2 AP2 hit at int 10.

If the Contemptor suffers an explosion, add +D3 to the radius and if it has Soul Blaze

Dreadclaw - Dedicated Transport (100pts)
Fr12 Side12 Rear12 I4  HP3 (Hover, Flyer)
Assault Vehicle, Deep Strike, Drop Pod Assault, Heat Blast, Transport Capacity 10 models

Heat Blast: (Deep Strike) When Deep Striking, measure a 3"+D3" radius that confers a Str6 AP5 Ignores Cover attack to any model in radius. Vehicles are struck on their rear armour.

Heat Blast: (Fire Sweep) If wished, any unit the model passes directly over suffers D6 Str5 AP5 Ignores Cover hits. Vehicles are struck on their rear armour. Roll a D6 after the attack. On a 1, the Drop Pod suffers a penetrating hit.

I thought of the left arm holding a dead Imperial Fist, but decided against it

The model is well detailed and a crisp cast, too!

Better start running!

Soon to join him are the GamesDay 2011 event only Boarding Marine and Narik Dreygur, also an event only model.
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