Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Showcase: Iron Warriors Dreadclaw Drop Pod

Hello Folks,

With the impending release of the new Dark Angels codex (which I'll have tonight!), I'll finally turn my attention back to my first true love: the Guardians of the Covenant. I'll be picking up the new Chaplain to make into a jump Chaplain, and finish the third Tactical Squad so I can make up a Demi-Company. But before we head there, I would like to share a special project of mine: the Dreadclaw.

Instead of just showing off the model as it is finished, I want to show you some pictures of the process itself. From the first couple of layers, to the heavy inking, highlighting, weathering and putting on the hazard stripes. Finally, the pictures conclude with the finished model. The Dreadclaw was a real inpulse purchase. I had around £50 to spend and went for the Dreadclaw. In retrospect, I should've purchased a fully kitted Contemptor dreadnought instead. Nevertheless, the 'claw is an awesome model and I was happy to get a chance to work on it.

First couple of layers. Black primer, leadbelcher basecoat and thinned black wash

Second thinned layer of black wash, masking tape applied for hazard stripes and black soot on the claws

Some silver highlights applied, further weathering applied to model and hazard stripes

Final model: heavy weathering with inks and powders to make the model look ancient with strained metal.

The result: an ancient and weathered drop pod bringing death and destruction to its foes

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Showcase: Iron Warriors Maulerfiend

Finally I've got something to show off again!

This time it's a Maulerfiend for my ever growing Iron Warriors daemon engine army. Its name is the Hellraker, and it's hungry for some Imperial Fists unlucky enough to linger in its path. 

The model itself is done. The dying space marine will get some touch-ups, mainly the red trim, some further battle damage and an Imperial Fist transfer on his pauldron.

All in all, the model was a joy to work on. I worked heavily with (thick and thinned) washes to gain an oily ancient look for this machine. Despite being Iron Warriors, I decided not to apply hazard stripes, because it does not really compliment daemon engines, in my opinion.

Please tell me what you think of it, and how I can improve on it!



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