Sunday, 2 December 2012

Land Raider Redeemer WIP

Hey all,
Second post of the day. But I just want to share something else today.
That something else being my Land Raider Redeemer. Now I know that as of yet, the Redeemer isn't an option in the Dark Angels codex (at least, I assume there hasn't been a WD update mentioning it). Still, I digged it more than the crusader. At the moment I could take it with the 6E Allies special rules.

When I started building it, I had the awesome idea of building LED lights in the interior. This made me paint up the interior, with a marine tending the engine and reading a scanner and another marine pointing a plasma pistol out of the front hatch. As you can see on some pictures, it's really REALLy dusty. And it hasn't been weathered or washed yet, so it looks bland and stale.
An interesting touch to it are the resin plates and slabs from scibor, which *totally unexpectedly* seem to fit in certain places on the tank.
The first picture shows the flamestorm cannons. Due to me moving to a new place, I lost one of the camera/lenses bits that normalle sire the sponsons. I put on my creative coat and slapped some other servo-skull-like scanners on top of the sponsons. They're from the Aegis Defence Line by the way. All in all, this is an ongoing project, which I could finish in a good afternoon's work. I'll post the eventual results here.

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