Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Showcase: The Veterans

To answer a special request, I began the day with taking some pictures of my veterans: my terminators and vanguard veterans. After reviewing the pictures I've made, well, I concluded that most of them are bad and out of focus. But I'm too lazy to take the pictures again, so they'll have to do. Besides, if you don't click on the unfocused ones, they're not too bad.

Not all the stuff is done though. The assault terminators stand at 90% complete. They still miss detail like eye-lenses and such, which I will get too as soon as I have a day off. Another fancy thing is the new Finecast Belial that I've bought last weekend. I decided to covert him and kit him out of a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield as opposed to the Marneus Calgar conversion I use as my current Lightning-clawed Belial.

Last but not least there's the Vanguard Veterans. Yes I know I can't use them with the current Dark Angels codex, but that's no bother. I mean, what's cooler than Assault Marines (with the old METAL jumppacks) with awesome power weapons? They've been around a long time and they were a joy to paint.

Anyway, take a look for yourself.

(P.S. Don't look at the dust that's covering some models. Some of them guard a bookshelf when not dying in battle.)

My Belial conversion - First Commander Trayarch with Squad Tempestus

Terminator Squad Tempestus

Brother Hollix-Varnus (The first one I finished and thus named!)

Brother Bastian

Brother-Sergeant Hurios

The Vanguard Veterans - Love these guys to death.

Unfocused, but had to post them.

Power swords. Can't have enough.

A work in progess. Still to be revealed!


  1. They look so good! specially Belial. Love that conversion. Thought I preffer Belial with the Sword of Silence or TH/SS instead of Lightning claws but he looks awesome.
    Did you painted the shoulder pads of the terminators in black? I wanted to do it in my termis to keep the same scheme of the army. I was thinking to paint the help in red becouse I dont have plans to make the tunics as you. I think they can look good in the Battlefield ^^

    Keep the work m8!

  2. You should always give the army your own touch. For example I painted all the weaponry and guns in a tin bitz with a lighter metal as highlight. This is my own little tweak and I stick to it. You could and should do something similar as well. Have some parts accented with red or something.

  3. Well I was thinking in painting the weapons in black, not in a metal colour as the armor. Just to give some contrast you know.

    keep the work with the blog man :)


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