Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Printing your own transfer sheets: As easy said as done.

A few days ago, I took it upon myself to print my own decals or transfer sheets as some prefer to call them. I did this because I am not the best man when it comes to freehand artwork, and because it's an equally creative process, I went all-out to creative a set of awesome transfer sheets.

The sheets come in two variants: black outline and no outline, all credit goes to Dracul from Bolter & Chainsword. After carefully printing them in A5 format, with a high DPI and paper setting to photo quality, glossy paper, it was time to give them a careful, thin but thorough acrylic gloss coat. This is necessary, because the ink's pigment needs to attach itself to the acrylic coat, since the decal paper itself will be solved by a modelling solution: Micro Set.

This is but the first phase of it all, and the future will see more posts about the workings or failings of this project. It's something that needs a lot of care and has a high margin of error, nevertheless, if it does work, it will be glorious. All my Guardians of the Covenant army needs is heraldry and Chapter markings.

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