Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The War for Badab (Black): The Pictures

Hey all!
This weekend saw my first match against 6th edition Tau, and oh my, did I get shot up! Markerlights! Markerlights everwhere! In the end, victory was mine because I had First Blood and held two objectives. But I think this was only because we had to end the game to due my opponent having to leave before he could play his last turn, so I was lucky. In the end, it was a nice battle and it really gave me an idea of the fearsome shooting capabilities of the Tau.
...and it ended up with me getting a full pot of the fabled Badab Black in a fair trade with some old metals and bitz.

Lightning Clawed Belial and his Terminators susprise Shas'O R'alai and his battlesuits.
The Land Speeder Tempest came into play while Zooming, flanked by two Dreadnoughts.
Ouch-time. Not many terminators survived. Belial challenged R'alai, though.

The crater marked my First Blood: a blown up Devilfish.
They proved hard to kill.
Shas'o R'alai in all his splendor.
Cadre fireblades with their squads hiding in the bushes.
All those tanks...
All those guns...
My combat squad with a Laspredator to support them.

A Land Raider Redeemer full of Assault Terminators and a Tac squad with Techmarine heading for an objective.
Always bring the snipers! Techmarine fortified these ruins.
Before the carnage: Dakkapredator still alive, same goes for the Ravenwing bikers.
Tactical Squad supported by a TL-autocannon Venerable Dreadnought.
The Battlefield.


  1. Awesome battle!
    You should do this more often the internet loves more pictures.

  2. Amazing pics man!
    I was all the time refreshig this website just only to see the battle! haha. I think the Tau have improved a lot since they got their new dex and is a hard challenge to us.
    Nothing else to say. Great battle, great pics, great army. I love it.

  3. By the way, could you show us better pictures of the termis and Belial? They seems to look amazing :P

  4. yeah lol i was all the time refreshing too :D.


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