Sunday, 1 June 2014

Apocalypse: Guardians of the Covenant vs. Iron Warriors. PICTURES!

Hey folks,
Been a while, I know. Even though my very own Iron Warriors got a little more love than my Guardians last month, I haven't forgotten my well-dressed marines. In fact, I've had an apocalypse match the other day with the entirety of my (painted) army, around 6000pts. It was an awesome match that took the better part of a day to finish. Unfortunately I lost due to my opponent being in favour with the Dice Gods.
Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun. Apocalypse has both the best and the worst 40k has to offer. 10/10 Would play again.
Enough words. Check out the epic pictures.



  1. Awesome. I've really enjoyed reading your articles about the Guardians of the Covenant. I've recently started a Guardians army, and was wondering if you had any more fluff you'd care to share. I love, love, love what you've done with it so far, and would be very grateful for any more that you've produced but perhaps not published. Thanks again for the great battle report pics and the inspiration!

  2. Hey Matthew, glad you've enjoyed the articles. I'm always open to sharing ideas and brainstorming together. Id you've got an awesome idea yourself about our beloved Guardians, please do share!
    Yes, I've got a lot of stuff in the works. The final part of the Lelith Incursion and a nearby Forge World with its own Taghmata army just to name some stuff. I've used several of the locations in sessions of Dark Heresy and Deathwatch as well. Awesome to hear that you're liking it so much. It really motivates me to write some more. ;)

  3. Amazing gaming table!


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