Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Guardians of the Covenant Fellblade Superheavy Tank - Part VI: The washing

Hey folks,
November and October have been calm months for the hobby. I somehow couldn't find my mojo and thus left this great model (among others) gathering dust.  This week however, saw some action. I decided it was time to give the entire model a solid wash, giving it a familiar blotted and inky look. Of course, there is still a LOT to be done, but it starts to look less and less like a toy tank and more like a gritty vehicle of the forty-first millennium.
Especially weathering, home-made decals, the sponsons and the tank commander still need to be done.
One of the hardest things to decide was the colour of the barrels and coils near the base of the barrels. I decided to make them light metallic with a heavy sepia wash. The pictures below show the first layer.
I'll be finishing it soon, so expect some updates very soon!


  1. Its beautiful, i must say awesome. Your work is stunning. I hope if/when you do decide to sell that you get the price they deserve. good luck for next ,,,,,,,


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