Monday, 4 November 2013

Thousand Points of Warfare Tournament: The Pictures!

Hey folks!
Yesterday, the 2nd of November marked the day of the Small Grand Tournament (some participants jokingly named it as such). Even though I lost most of my matches, I had a ton of fun and there were some really good armies out there that were a joy to see and play against.
All in all, I had a match against fellow Dark Angels, Angels of Vengeance to be precise. At first we thought it was a draw, but after a recount of the Victory Points, I came out as the loser. 
The second match was against Necrons. That one didn't go so well. Save for my Warlord which just wouldn't die, all my units were wiped. Too bad. Last but not least, I played against the Green Tide. This was the match that I found most entertaining when compared to the others. All odds were in my favour, I seemed to be winning. Alas, until Boss Zagstrukk deep struck right into the back of my tactical marines and warlord, killing all, giving my opponent his much deserved Slay the Warlord victory point. Alas, I lost. But I lost with grace and dignity.

The pictures are in reverse chronology, but that doesn't matter one bit does it?


Orks doing what they do best. Chopping my bikers to bits.

The gun line on the right flank.

Little did the know what awaited them around the corner...

They died like they were painted: very well. Not before a bomb squig ran to my Predator!

Suddenly Necrons! (Mind you, the die was next to the objective marker)

The Angels of Vengeance. Brother against brother.

The Guardians of the Covenant are on the prowl.

Don't you get near to the Techmarine!

Wrecked Rhino, squad disembarking.

Angels of Vengeance Black Knights.

I told you, I always bring the scouts!


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