Saturday, 4 May 2013

A thousand points of warfare: The pictures.

Yesterday's battle was a nice one. I had to take some pictures, because the scenes looked so good. Unfortunately, all I had with me was an old phone. So 'scuse me for the bad, grainy quality of the pictures.

The battle was a free-for-all with three sides. On one side was a Tau army with allied Necrons, 1000pts in total with a default Necron Lord and Shadowsun, which both pack a punch. On the other side were the Tyranids with the Doom of Malan'tai and the dread Swarmlord, leading a force of 1000pts as well.

Opposite both players stood my defiant Guardians of the Covenant. I used the list I posted here a few days ago, the one with Ezekiel and a Chaplain.

The battlefield itself. Nothing fancy. Both players started in top corners, I took the burden to start in the center.

The Swarmlord and the Doom on the prowl.

Chaplain Olmas and his tacticals making quick work of the Tyranids

The Tempest came into play on the second turn and ignited its afterburners, which made it effectively a flyer. No one having anti-air, it was safe for the rest of the turn. It took quite some ' Nids out in turn three, however.

The snipers, doing their thing and making a lot of kills.

Ouch-time. The Swarmlord challenged my sergeant... and won. (Duh!) It made quick work of my tacticals and Chaplain. 

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