Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Building the Ultimate Apocalypse List

This is it.

The ultimate Apocalypse list of my Guardians of the Covenant army so far, using both the Dark Angels and Space Marines codex. The units from Codex Space Marines are italic. This list has exactly 5000 points in it. Firstly, I based it on a double FoC, but since then expanded it into something bigger.
However, this still isn't all there is to my army. I've got a third Predator and a Damocles Rhino waiting, as well as a Deathwing command squad and five Iron Armour marines to form Sternguard Veterans.

Chapter Master – Meltagun/Relic Blade/Artificer Armour/Jump Pack/Digital Weapons - 215pts
- Honour Guard - 5 Marines/Chapter Champion: Thunder Hammer/4xRelic Blade/Chapter Banner - 320pts
Master of the Forge - Power Axe - 115pts
Company Master – Thunder Hammer/Artificer Armour – 140pts
- Command Squad – 5 Marines/Company Standard/Champion/Apothecary/Plasma Gun – 160pts
Belial – Lightning Claws - 190pts
Asmodai - 140pts
Ezekiel - 145pts

Contemptor Dreadnought – TL-Lascannon - 200pts
Venerable Dreadnought - 2xTwin-linked Autocannons – 145pts
Company Veterans - 10 Marines/Power Axe/2xPower Sword/3xCombat Shield/PlasmaPistol/Chainswords+Bolt Pistols - 255pts

Tactical Squad - 10 Marines/Vet. Sergeant/Power Fist/Flamer/Missile Launcher - 195pts
Tactical Squad - 10 MarinesVet/Vet. Sergeant/Power Sword/Meltagun/Heavy Bolter - 185pts
Tactical Squad - 5 Marines/Vet Sergeant/Power Maul/ - 95pts
Deathwing Terminators – 5 Terminators/4xTH+SS/Cyclone Missile Launcher - 265pts
Deathwing Terminators - 5 Terminators/1xLightning Claws/Assault Cannon – 240pts
Scouts - 5 Scouts/Sniper Rifles/Vet. Sergeant - 70pts

Fast Attack
Storm Eagle - 2xTL-Lascannon/TL-Multi-Melta. - 300pts
Ravenwing Attack Squadron – Power Maul – 95pts
Land Speeder Tempest - 110pts
Vanguard Veterans - 5 Marines/Jump Packs/Power Fist/Power Weapons - 230pts

Heavy Support
Contemptor-Mortis – 2xKheres Assault Cannon/Cyclone Missile Launcher – 215pts
Predator – TL-Lascannon/Lascannon Sponsons - 140pts
Predator - Autocannon/Hvy Bolters - 95pts
Whirlwind - 65pts
Devastator Squad - 5 Marines/Heavy Bolter/Plasma Cannon/Multi-Melta/Missile Launcher - 120pts

Land Raider Redeemer - Multi-Melta - 255pts
Land Raider Terminus Ultra - 300pts


Grand Master Xandor Solaceon,
Lord Guardian and Chapter Master of the Guardians of the Covenant.

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